May 31, 2006

Moving on, a little

I tend to get overly sentimental about changing things in my life. It's the thought of the finality of the decision -- the idea that I'm never going to do something again, even if it's trivial; or that I'll never see someone again, even if it's just a casual acquaintance. Forever is a long time.

Somehow that doesn't keep me from making changes, though. Today I left my team of more than three years, a great group of people who despite being a small team did an incredible job with a huge project, for another team at Apple. And it's not just a different team but another organization. It's enough of a shift that there's only one person in my new management chain who was in the old one. I'm not even doing the same kind of work any least in some sense. In another sense, I'll get to be the same kind of troublemaker I've always been, which should be fun.

It's a big move, a bit nerve-wracking, and hopefully a good opportunity on what looks like a great team. Once again it's something I can't talk about. Maybe one of these years I'll have an office that isn't locked off from the rest of the world.