January 16, 2006

Three years at Apple

I'll never be able remember the exact date from year to year, but it was three years ago on Martin Luther King Day that I started at Apple[1]. It's certainly been an interesting three years.

I should bring in three pounds of apples, but they're free in the cafeteria. Or maybe I should bake something with three pounds of apples, but since I've never baked anything with as much as three individual apples, that might be dangerous. I could bring in three pounds of apple juice, but that seems silly. Plus there are the looks you get from the fine folks at Albertson's when you try to weigh the bottles of apple juice in the supermarket aisle. You'd think they'd never seen anyone trying to celebrate their work-anniversary holiday before....

[1] That was actually the third time I'd gone through employee orientation at Apple, since I went through it twice as an intern. I wonder what the record is, and whether if I go through it enough times I get the next one free.