December 26, 2005

So do you really use that thing, or is it just decorative?

As further evidence of how non-gadgety I am, I present my shopping list for this afternoon: One PS2 memory card.

Now, you wouldn't think that's particularly interesting until you realize that I've owned a PS2 for over a year and this is my first PS2 memory card. In fact, I didn't realize till last night that PS2 games require different memory cards from PS1 games. It turns out that in all this time all I've done with my PS2 is play PS1 games and watch DVDs. You'd think I'd use a game console for, y'know, playing games made for the console, but apparently not.

A history of gadgets

I'm not a gadget freak by any stretch of the imagination -- I use my cell phone about two or three times a week and I don't even know how to use its camera -- but PC World's 50 Greatest Gadgets of the Past 50 Years is a great read. Maybe that's because I love history, and this is full of historical tidbits that I didn't know. The first pager, the first answering machine, the first cordless phone -- they're all here. Neat stuff.