June 11, 2005

A bit too much attention

I've seen a couple folks write up things about the difference I've made in helping along the transition. That's rather nice of them...but it's far more attention than I deserve (and a lot more than I'd like). I'm just an engineer. I don't manage people, I'm not a tech lead, and I don't provide project direction. Many people worked on this in a variety of capacities. I'd prefer not to be singled out, especially in the context of "Eric's team" or things like that which imply something that isn't true.

In other words, if you're happy with Apple's products, thank all of Apple, not just one engineer. And please don't look to this site as a resource similar to what Dave Hyatt does with Surfin' Safari; this is my personal weblog and I'd rather take it down altogether than have anyone consider what I say here as being semi-official or have this be a place to look for Apple announcements.


What a week...everything went incredibly well. I gave part of a session, met a ton of developers, and helped quite a few folks get things up and running on the Intel-based systems. Lots of fun all around.

I also ended up very short on sleep and far behind on email. This weekend I'll try to catch up on both of those. Then I get to head back to work for a week and then take a real break by heading off to England with Adrienne for a week and a half.