March 15, 2005


I turned 27 today, and I see that I've got a little trend going of posting on my birthday with the same title each time -- I did this last year and the year before. This year I more or less gave up on Entenmann's St. Patrick's Day cupcakes and instead bought cute mini St. Patrick's Day cupcakes from Albertson's for my team. I think they went over well, since I brought a fair number of them and only two were left at the end of the day.

I didn't plan to do much for my birthday this time around, but I was very pleasantly caught by surprise last night when two people got in touch to ask if I wanted to get together today. As a result, I had lunch with Jon and Chris (and we would've invited other folks, but it really was rather last-minute) and dinner with Katie and Marc at Max's. So it turned out to be a fun birthday after all. Very cool.