March 15, 2003


I turn 25 today. I'll be celebrating with a few friends at Max's Opera Cafe in Palo Alto, where they have good food and really good desserts. Of course, when there's a birthday you always have to have room for dessert....

Speaking of desserts, there's only one thing I want for my birthday, and I'm having some trouble finding it. For many of the last 20 years, I've enjoyed Entenmann's St. Patrick's Day cupcakes on my birthday. They're a delicious combination of a chocolate cupcake and a circle of green frosting on top surrounding a soft chewable candy four-leaf clover. They're really good, but they're also incredibly hard to find -- that's why I said "many" of the last 20 years above and not "all". And no, it doesn't make any sense for a Jewish guy to associate St. Patrick's Day cupcakes with his birthday, but as soon as I had them for the first time around second grade I was hooked.